92852   3000 kg
Products Name:92852 3000 kg
Detailed parameters:

3000 kg Under Ground Twin Style Lift

  • Model:92852
  • Lift capacity:3000 kg
  • Min height:110 mm
  • Lift height:1000 mm
  • Power of motor:220-240 v/380-415 v     1/3 PH ,50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Rise time:30 s
  • Drop time:24 s
  1. It fit for all kinds of tire shop also for F1 formula car with changer type quickly.
  2. Under ground installation or direct to use without installation
  3. Pneumatic lock release ,considerably reduce the noise when the machine is running.
  4. Anti-skidding diamond  platform.to prevent vehicle sliding.
  5. Dynamic test:115% of the rated capacity ,Static test:150% of the rated capacity.
  6. CE certified.

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