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Mechanization of farming to the city farmers is easy
      Now in the fields of the city, the busyness of agricultural machinery has become a favorite of common people. The popularization and application of the agricultural mechanization, not only let farmers from heavy manual work liberate, farming methods also quietly changed. Since realized the agricultural mechanization, hydraulic jacks farmers' day carefree happy. At present, in total have large and medium-sized tractor, wheat corn combined harvesters, no-till planter, straw counters-field, deep loosening soil preparation machine and other high-performance farm machinery 6027 (set), and a tendency to rise, in 2011 the farm subsidies of 6.85 million yuan.

      RenChengOu according to "based on agriculture, agricultural machinery, service development new countryside" the development idea, plan as a whole and effectively promoting, accelerate the process of agricultural mechanization, has won the national agriculture harvest award, the agricultural mechanization promotion work advanced area, agricultural machinery safety demonstration area, for three consecutive years the city may work model county (city) and the honorary, agricultural mechanization in the forefront comprehensive index.

      Agricultural mechanization to let farmers life more easily. As south of the village temple street zhang zhao ZhaoYongGe, is the region of an old large agricultural machinery. Along with the national agricultural subsidies, etc JiangNong benefit farming policy implemented, ZhaoYongGe by the past a old mechanical, development up to now has all kinds of agricultural machinery 6 PCS/sets, every year by the agricultural production, net income of 40000 yuan. In his own words, "before, because of lack of machine, AnCun farmer mainly is hand labor, air jack  from sowing, seedling, weeding and harvest basic all manual operation. Now, the village has a variety of agricultural machinery and Taiwan, the basic realized mechanization production process food." Zhao temple village existing large agricultural machinery 8, 2011 corn on average 550 kilograms per, farm work rates of 95%.

      Agricultural mechanization let people engaged in agricultural production more enjoyable. Agricultural mechanization of the development process of the acceleration, make any large agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery city professional cooperation organization, agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery service organizations like the compound have rise. So far, the number NongJiHu reached more than 2800, including 150 a large farm machinery, leading to more than 300 farm machinery intermediary organizations, hydraulic bottle jack agent team and farm machinery professional cooperatives expansion, farm machinery service work range also spread to neighboring regions, homework by wheat harvest field also expand to a variety of crop workers, sowing, accept and straw returned, and other production links. Farm machinery service organizations to the development and expansion of the tens of thousands of small farmers to meet the demand of agricultural mechanization production, optimize the allocation of resources and social service may share. Lay the streets of 21 liu the door village is a typical farm machinery village, the village of more than 2800 mu of land, by the village 15 NongJiHu can solve problems of agricultural production. The large agricultural machinery ZhaoShouXian and other 14 NongJiHu bear the liu the door every year, harvest the seeding of the village task. People just need to prepare a good seed, fertilizer, do some weed control management will do. shop press In charge of wheat, machine if not enough use, also can call through the farm machinery department coordinate wheat harvest, two solve the problem. In addition, and together they 20 lay the farm machinery technology promotion professional cooperatives, each season to farms, they will go out as near to the surrounding the villagers service. A year can finish around seven, eight village, 8000 mu task, farmers by service up to more than 2000 users. It is because of the rapid development of agricultural mechanization and management and orderly, let common people were talking and laughing between the production, get harvest in joy.
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