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Gem machinery international business expansion
       Wto 10 years, baoji petroleum machinery Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the gem machinery) international business expansion,floor jack  by December 31, 2011, achieve 9.656 billion yuan exports, is the company established in 1937 to 97.46% of total export since. Our products are sold to Europe, America, Middle East to more than 50 countries and regions. "BOMCO (gem machinery)" has become the high-end oil drilling equipment market of China famous brand.

       Wto opened the gem of the development of the mechanical world view. In 2001, gems factory first obtain export turkmenistan, kazakhstan, and Ukraine 4 a rig the order contracts. Since 2002, the gem machinery company to grab the wto in foreign trade, export tax rebates, and other aspects of the preferential policies, hydraulic jack and timely the introduction of advanced international drilling equipment design and manufacturing technology to upgrade the leading product technical performance.

      Since 2005, the gem mechanical company on the domestic market to the international change, the international market has been increasing trade. In 2005, for the first time to break into the American gem mechanical rig high-end market, "BOMCO" become a world famous drilling contractor Nabors company global partners. In 2007, the gem mechanical rig success in Africa, South Asia region. In 2009, the global financial crisis environment, shop crane the company established "the international market by the developed countries of the international oil companies to resources of the national oil companies expand" strategy. New ideas to bring new transit, when the international market the first time new order of 52.9% of the total to order, hold up the gem mechanical "half jiangshan".

      Some symbolic order, become gem machinery company access to the international market milestone: successfully signed the united Arab emirates national drilling company 2.08 billion yuan "luxury" international order, become China's oil equipment export high-end heavy equipment in the history of the biggest order; Dubai successfully signed "1 + 1" 300 feet of jack-up drilling platform sea bag EPC contract, worth $1.8 billion, jack stands opens the our country exports whole set of offshore oil equipment; half Export of Russia and 24 low temperature rig winch, has begun to deliver user, opens the extremely rich potential of the polar rig market door; Export to Korea dawoo ocean drilling platform system, make our country offshore drilling system is first independent contract enter the international market.

      Gem machinery companies to speed up the pace of international cooperation, and has Norwegian, United States, venezuela, jack stand Brazil and other countries well-known enterprises to establish a joint venture company, realize the gem mechanical joint investment and cooperation of historical leap from scratch.


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