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2012 mining machinery industry development of the new stage
    Along with the development of the mining machinery and equipment, the product design is the soul of manufacturing industry, and product structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time and manufacturability, maintainability, and scrap post-processing, machine and environment and etc, in principle is in the product design stage of the decision. floor jack The innovation of the product design capacity has become a decision in global competition status in the enterprise of the primary factor. , especially mining machinery industry, the market competition is intense, more need to exert its innovation, make environmental protection and energy saving of mining machinery and equipment, accord with the requirement of sustainable development in our country.

    As is known to all, with the development of science and technology, speed up the pace of life, China's infrastructure, railway, highway construction enthusiasm. It is predicted that in the next few years is still Chinese mining machinery, including mining, milling equipments cheapest end of the period. The market for high efficiency and energy saving crusher would be greater than the demand for general crusher, roller mill and other mechanical needed.hydraulic jack  Equipped with a hydraulic device mining machinery to hydraulic crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic impact breaker etc, will be mine the homework wanted products, construction waste disposal equipment, sand stone production line, the mechanism of the city will be sand production line construction waste resources endowment use and urban construction equipment of the important assignments.

    Henan dawn heavy industry technology Co., LTD formally established in 1987 mining machinery company, its experienced several years of ups and downs, and in a competitive market is forceful and out, now has become a mining machinery industry leader. Its main is go socialized scientific information road, constant innovation, to with digital, shop crane intelligence, and automation based more advanced mining machinery have created favorable conditions, hydraulic series counterattack crusher, cone crusher, milling machine, jaw crusher, and so on in the market share even innovation high, collis rick development and production of this product, and both have the subjective conditions, and have the objective condition, has broad market.

    At present, henan dawn heavy industry science and technology Co., LTD. According to the national key energy, transportation, raw materials and other basic industry development industrial policy, mining machinery as the basic industry should be jack stands given top priority for the pillar of the national key support to get further development and enhance, for coal, metallic and non-metallic mining development to provide more with the international advanced level in the high quality, and high efficiency, grinding machine, the crusher of sand machine equipment, meet the national economy development to the need of jack stand energy and raw materials.



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